FAQ – General

FAQ - General

How is the Limnetics OX anchored?
Mooring cables, usually stainless steel, may be attached to anchors on the bottom or on a nearby shore. Cable length is a minimum of five times water depth. Three or four cables can be used.
How large must the anchors be?
Limnetics recommends a minimum weight for each anchor of 300 lb. per motor horsepower.
How can anchors be moved into position on the bottom?
The Limnetics OX pontoons and frame can be used as a barge to lift, move, and lower anchors into position.
How is the electrical cord routed from shore to the Limnetics OX?
Cord is generally laid on the bottom from the Limnetics OX to just off shore, then buried to the on-shore controls.
What additional electrical material and equipment are needed?
From the motor junction box, an outdoor power cord is run to a fused disconnect or motor starter panel. Limnetics recommends a strain releif cord grip on the motor, and PVC conduit for any buried cable.
What prevents the driveshaft from freezing up in winter?
The Limnetics OX can be protected from driveshaft freeze-up by pouring common vegetable oil into the driveshaft housing. This oil is lighter than water, and freezes into a soft paste. When not running, the oil floats to the top of the housing, pushing water down below the freeze level.