Project Planning

Project Planning


8 Block Anchor Assembly (3/4 HP)

18 Block Anchor Assembly (3 HP)

Anchor Deployment Option 1: Assemble On or Near Shore / Carry with Float Frame

1. Assemble
2. Set in shallow water
3. Lift with float frame
4. Drop in water

Anchor Deployment Option 2: Assemble On Work Boat / Push Overboard on Dolly

1. Assemble on Work Boat at Dock
3. Roll Overboard on Floatable Dolly

Launching the Unit

Trailer on Boat Ramp


Electrical Controls

NEMA 3R Box with Vent Fan

Variable Speed Drive – 230 Volt 1-Phase Input

Dv/Dt Filter for Cord Up To 300 ft. Long

Electrical Safety

National Electrical Code ARTICLE  862:   Naturally and Artificially Made Bodies of Water

  • Extra-hard usage cable
  • Plug connection on cord
  • Connections 12” above deck
  • Disconnect in sight of shore
  • Controls 5 ft. from shore & 36” over high water mark

Safety Markings

Cage and Fence

Beacon Lights

Marker Buoys

Warning Signs